On the Wall.

Walls are awesome. Weird statement, I know. But I am fascinated by walls. Each time I look at a wall with leisure, my brain begins ticking as to what can I do to make this wall look outstanding? So, to satisfy this appetite I worked upon two walls of my room.

I tried my hand at a corner vector and two Arabic calligraphic designs and words.

All it took was a pencil, an eraser, ruler and glossy black paint. And TIME 🙂

After much surfing on google images, I found this really intriguing corner design and worked it up on the wall with a sight modification.

I couldn’t get my hands on a paint brush, so I used an earbud to do the painting after the outline.

The Arabic word here is Al-Hubb. It translates to the emotion of Love. (And hence the little crayon red heart).


After a while, another wall of my room was bothering me. It was just to empty. So I did this. Its a reproduction of an image I came across on Instagram.

This is “Muhammadur Rasul Ullah” in Arabic. A part of the Kalimah, that states Muhammaed (P.B.U.H) is the messenger of Allah.



Mini Project

I call this a project. Because to me, anything that requires panning and then execution is a project.

So, my kids find new stuff to keep themselves busy everyday. One big break for them was the paint coming off from some parts of the wall. Seems like the builders of our apartment complex were way too commercial in making sure they layered the paint well. In my room, beside my mini window my kids found great joy in peeling the paint off, breaking it into bits, and “cooking” stuff for us!! But at bedtime, it was a true torture everyday clearing up so much mess.

So I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. I decided to cover up those patches.


I got a textured sheet, marker, pencil, tape and ruler. I had to make two patches. This is what I did:


This reads: Taqdeer aur Kismat se Zyada taqat Dua mei hai. (More than Fate, true strength lies in Prayer)


This was for the biiiiggg patch. Task completed.

Proverbs and quotes. Always have fascinated me since childhood. I used to have a number of notepads, diaries and random year calendars. I had a collection of my handwritten quotes at the end of each of them. Strength. Quotes give me strength. They make me focus. They make me keep my eyes open and not forget what its all about.

My tension now? I am just hoping my son or daughter don’t take it down.