Gravity: Movie Review

I decided that I would spend the end of this evening watching a nice movie with my hubby. I say this because it has gotten rare for us. After a lot of channel hopping we settled down for Gravity that was being aired at HBO.

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The movie was halfway.

The lead actress is Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) who i an engineer as an astronaut on her first flight. The commandor of the space event is Matt Kowalski (George Clooney).

A team of astronauts boards Explorer the spaceship, goes outer space on a mission. It encounters a sudden catastrophe that renders the team of astronauts dead, and only the two main leads as survivors. Eventually things go worse and Matt lets go in order to let Dr. Ryan to survive.

My take on the movie: it is a gripping movie. Totally motivating.

Things I learnt from it:

1) sheer determination is needed to survive , whether on earth or in space.

2)never give up. Never, ever give up. The world runs on logic but survives on miracles.

3) acquire knowledge. Reap as much as you can. You never know when it will save you.

4) Dr. Ryan had no one for her on the earth. She lost her only daughter. She had no reason to survive. But she did. She did not lose it because of anyone. She won it for herself.

5) She faced so many problems , all alone, beyond human contact. If she could survive them all, why can’t we?

6) Matt Kowalski encouraged her throughout the time he was with her. Give thought, love, empathy and care to those around. You never know when your strong words can help a person to stop quitting.

7) be strong. Set goals. Fulfill them. Dream well. And live those dreams. Let no one or nothing stop you. Life is lived only once. Tick those bucket list items. All of them.

8) lastly, be grateful. You are created by a creator. When Dr. Ryan says she’s running out of oxygen, I thanked God for giving me oxygen without count or tax. When Dr.Ryan thought about her dead daughter, I thanked God fo my two living children and the joy I have with them. When Dr. Ryan survived space debris crashes, I thanked God for keeping me accident safe till now. When Dr. Ryan was giving up because she has no one on earth waiting for her, I thanked God for my loving spouse and family. When Dr. Ryan said she didn’t know how to pray, I broke down. Because I know how to, but don’t like I always should.

If anything, we should stop being ungrateful.

Tonight, I will sleep inspired. I have goals too. I have things to accomplish too. I have lots of things to be thankful for.

Great Movie. Hats off to the brainchild of this movie!!! Amazing acting, dialogue, sequence.







Movie: Congo(1995)

Tuesday was a dull day. Droopy winter afternoon, light-less room and health feeling down, it took a movie to charge me up. Swapping channels led me to a movie called Congo.

I love mysteries and adventures, and this was just the genre of the movie. It got me enthralled, with a tea cup in my hand the whole movie with my jaw dropped, I had a great time.

Its about a diamond mine near an active volcano that is protected by a species of vicious looking monkeys. They are more like gorillas. Their job: safeguard the mine.

But more than this, the movie was about feelings/emotions, pure and humane. The instinct to survive and to save in times of horror and peril.

The gorilla that has been petted, Amy, proves to love his caretaker as if he was his mother. Keeping her own fears aside, Amy fights the odds for his keeper. It also showed the undying bond that the keeper had with Amy, always by her side no matter what people say. He even put Amy before his life.

This movie also stood for human values. The lead lady is sent on a mission into the deep uninhabited jungles of Congo, Zaire. Supposedly to find out if her fiance/fellow colleague is alive. She and a team of skilled individuals, delve deep into the feared city of Zinj. There, they learn of the horrific deaths of the people who tried to reach the diamond mine. Including her fiance. A lot of their team members die at the hands of the scary-looking blood-thirsty gorillas, only due to the greed of the mine digging fellow team mate.

Greed is a horrid thing. It becomes even more deadly when it is held above human values. The archaeologist leads his fellow mates right into death’s mouth, only because he wanted the diamonds.

This movie was nicely directed. The entire movie circled around the mysterious city of Zinj. And the guardians of the mine. The horrifying death bodies reveal that they had seen something dangerous and scary. And really, the gorillas were so monstrous looking, they got me on goosebumps.

I don’t know if my write up would inspire anyone to watch the movie, but my whole point, is that the movie was a great one. I was totally engrossed.

My Tuesday evening ended with an awesome barbecue session  with my hubby, on the terrace, watching the sunset and a yummy chicken!!!!