It is very annoying for me. The things that I do myself. Actually, I think I have done them, but haven’t really. It has happened so convincingly in my head, that my brain agrees to the task being done. Horror, pure horror. When I just found my recent post sitting in my drafts. All with the tags and everything. I remember clicking Post. Or did I?

Too much preoccupation of my mind with a never ending to-do list, and a family who believes I do nothing. Lots, I have lots to do. I have to get over the fact that switching on a PC is a chore. Because ideas overflow in my head, and I am unable to put them down. My phone keyboard is horrid.

Too much complaining. I shouldn’t be doing. Really excited about writing up two new post about stuff I love. Oh, there are so many posts in my head, I could write five a day. Just this getting my bottom down in front of a PC is a real chore, which it shouldn’t be.

Tand tadaaaaaa….Lets see how much I can write down before my two kung fu warriors tire themselves.