So I haven’t been posting Iftar pictures anymore.

It may be because they are repetitive. I am out of energy, motivation and mostly time.

I make a lot and most of it gets left over.

Monotony suffocates me. Not being acknowledge exasperates me.

And mostly, I got tired.

So I won’t be posting daily as I originally thought I would.

But I will, whenever the creative me arises within. Till then…. I have another mini hobby running!


Back…After a while.

It has been a while. A long very while. But I am back. To writing. To my dormant Passion. A lot has changed. A lot has been the same. My fingers now pause often. The flow has weakened. There is a lot of rushing of thoughts, and too little to type out. But it is a beginning. I am not that much dowsed with lack of enthusiasm. I want to walk, lift myself, and move. I feel like a huge rock. Stagnant. I have to roll, to move. To get back on track. To do the things I love. To find time. Good Luck, to me, and to all those who often fall down and wake up slowly and relearn to move ahead.