Nibah…My take on the series…

So why am I choosing to do another post on the Tv series Nibah. The previous post was the review or storyline. This is dedicated to what I found the most amazing about it.

I was taken by the acting of Amina Sheikh. A beautiful, resilient woman. The whole world hurtled boulders across her life. Yet she stood like a wall. Broken from the inside, yet strength in her words. Her head held high because she KNEW she was right. She knew that being RIGHT mattered only when it came to her Self Respect and the question of reputation and character. She knew rightly when to bend to mend the relationships. She knew to be silent, leaving fate / karma to act on her behalf.

mqdefault (1)

Nothing could break her righteousness. She forgave easily and embraced happiness like no other character in the story. She let the whole world crumble at her feet watching everything in silence, yet knowing that the last winner is the one who is always right and not the devious.

Her character brought a lot of calm to me. It made want to be like her. Strong and resilient among the storms of life. Nobody should be troubled the way she was. She questioned her fate, spoke of her troubles to the skies, and trusted in God with all her might.


The most well played out scene in the entire series which easily shattered my heart to billion pieces was just a scene of a few minutes. No words. Just the eyes connecting. Everything said in those emotions in the eyes of Shaheer and Sofia.


Just this one scene. Here Sofia has gone home with her father after being thoroughly disconnected with Shaheer due to his accusations. She has gone back to school. After feeling humiliated by the school Principal and her colleagues, she stood outside trying to catch a cab home. Shaheer comes by in his luxury suv to pick his kids from school. For a good minute he looks and connects with Sofia’s eyes. Just this look between them was shattering.

This look of love, of regret, of doubts, of betrayal….Shaheer displays sadness to see his still-wife in such simple clothes deprived of the luxury he could afford for her. He feels sadness to see her so far away from him. Then he overcomes with anger of betrayal and drives away in indifference. Meanwhile Sofia looks at him with an expression that spells out that of all the people in the world, she wanted only Him to know that she hadn’t betrayed him. That she loved him.

Sometimes the eyes know and the heart feels, its the brain that fuzzes up everything destroying a lot in the middle. True love connects. It definitely does connect and sees beyond beauty, beyond wealth, beyond age, beyond anything. It just recognizes the soul that needs to be around. It needs the aura to emanate and radiate to thrive. It needs to be needed. That’s love…the true one….


Little buds of happiness..

Little joys in life bloom like lovely flowers in a barren land.

Yesterday it was a big day for me. My pretty little daughter had her first stage performance of her life. She sang rhymes and songs at a concert with her fellow classmates in her school.

It was an overwhelming performance. I cried. I got emotional. I thank God. For this day.

My yearning brought forth fruits that I craved for. I wanted my daughter to study in a school that made her happy and gave her no homework. A school that brought out her talent and let her explore everything a child dreams of trying.

I am so happy for her. A proud parent among so many in that auditorium, my heart beamed with joy. God bless my little girl.

Eid 2018

So today is Eid. A lovely festival of happiness joy and so much excitement.

And here is what I made today.

The first picture is of SheerKhorma. A sweet dish made of milk, dried fruits, dates and vermicilli.

The second picture is of the ethnic Hyderabadi Meat Biryani accompanied by curd chutney.

It took years for me to master the biryani. Crisp criticism from my inlaws perfected the flavours and texture.

The sheerkhorma was my first trial today. Turned out yummy except that I fried the dried fruits a little browner than I should.

It was an amazing day today altogether. Spending time with my husband and kids elates me to the core. It wipes away everything and I start fresh.

I did some henne/mehendi on my hand too.

Oops. Looks like I deleted the pictures. I shall take better pictures of my henna as it darkens.


I finally cut my daughter’s nails. After almost 3 years, she finally stopped chewing them. They finally grew and I could cut them.

It might seem so bane a though to be troubled by the little act of cutting nails.

But to me, a mother, it is a huge feat. When she was about one year and some months, I cut her nails (like I did every Friday since she was born) the night before I was admitted to deliver my son.

The next day I promptly left. She was shattered by my absence. I do not know what all my baby daughter felt and endured. But after 7 days, when she finally came back to me as I went home, she was constantly crying, a very rage filled child with so much stubborness, and she began eating her nails. Strangely, the nails of her feet stopped growing too. This remained all the while we were back in India.

Since we have come here, and she has begun school, she is back to being a calm, excited and a much more happy child.

My motherhood scored a whole point when I saw her nails growing neatly and I could finally cut them. Thank you Lord. Thank you for these favours upon me.


So I haven’t been posting Iftar pictures anymore.

It may be because they are repetitive. I am out of energy, motivation and mostly time.

I make a lot and most of it gets left over.

Monotony suffocates me. Not being acknowledge exasperates me.

And mostly, I got tired.

So I won’t be posting daily as I originally thought I would.

But I will, whenever the creative me arises within. Till then…. I have another mini hobby running!

Iftar. May 23

I don’t have a picture for today.

That’s because it was a test of my sanity, parenting and patience.

My son decided to get on every nerve I had during and after the time to break my fast.

All I felt was wearing my shoes and running as far as I could.

But I didn’t. Instead I focused on keeping my calm no matter the tantrums and chaos he was throwing and creating.

It was after we were done eating halfway that I realised I had no picture.

Here’s what I made:

1) differently flavoured Dahi badey

2) Chana daal

3) Maash and besan bhajiye

4) Samosa

5) Orange and Pomegranate

6) Dates.

I made a light menu because I had a special dinner.

Flavoured steamed vegetable rice made in ghee with spicy chicken.