Eid 2018

So today is Eid. A lovely festival of happiness joy and so much excitement.

And here is what I made today.

The first picture is of SheerKhorma. A sweet dish made of milk, dried fruits, dates and vermicilli.

The second picture is of the ethnic Hyderabadi Meat Biryani accompanied by curd chutney.

It took years for me to master the biryani. Crisp criticism from my inlaws perfected the flavours and texture.

The sheerkhorma was my first trial today. Turned out yummy except that I fried the dried fruits a little browner than I should.

It was an amazing day today altogether. Spending time with my husband and kids elates me to the core. It wipes away everything and I start fresh.

I did some henne/mehendi on my hand too.

Oops. Looks like I deleted the pictures. I shall take better pictures of my henna as it darkens.



I finally cut my daughter’s nails. After almost 3 years, she finally stopped chewing them. They finally grew and I could cut them.

It might seem so bane a though to be troubled by the little act of cutting nails.

But to me, a mother, it is a huge feat. When she was about one year and some months, I cut her nails (like I did every Friday since she was born) the night before I was admitted to deliver my son.

The next day I promptly left. She was shattered by my absence. I do not know what all my baby daughter felt and endured. But after 7 days, when she finally came back to me as I went home, she was constantly crying, a very rage filled child with so much stubborness, and she began eating her nails. Strangely, the nails of her feet stopped growing too. This remained all the while we were back in India.

Since we have come here, and she has begun school, she is back to being a calm, excited and a much more happy child.

My motherhood scored a whole point when I saw her nails growing neatly and I could finally cut them. Thank you Lord. Thank you for these favours upon me.


So I haven’t been posting Iftar pictures anymore.

It may be because they are repetitive. I am out of energy, motivation and mostly time.

I make a lot and most of it gets left over.

Monotony suffocates me. Not being acknowledge exasperates me.

And mostly, I got tired.

So I won’t be posting daily as I originally thought I would.

But I will, whenever the creative me arises within. Till then…. I have another mini hobby running!

Iftar. May 23

I don’t have a picture for today.

That’s because it was a test of my sanity, parenting and patience.

My son decided to get on every nerve I had during and after the time to break my fast.

All I felt was wearing my shoes and running as far as I could.

But I didn’t. Instead I focused on keeping my calm no matter the tantrums and chaos he was throwing and creating.

It was after we were done eating halfway that I realised I had no picture.

Here’s what I made:

1) differently flavoured Dahi badey

2) Chana daal

3) Maash and besan bhajiye

4) Samosa

5) Orange and Pomegranate

6) Dates.

I made a light menu because I had a special dinner.

Flavoured steamed vegetable rice made in ghee with spicy chicken.

Four Years Later…

Yeah. It has been that long.

My favourite month of the year is Ramadan. I literally feel completely blanketed in the mercy, warmth and blessings of my Lord.

The best part among others about this month used to be going to the ladies section of the mosque to perform special prayers called as Taraweeh. The best part of Taraweeh being the dua (supplication) at the end of it.

That was only in KSA. For 22 years I had a favourite mosque and many favourite Imams due to their exemplery Qiraats.

I felt so blessed. It is an extraordinary connection with God that only a mosque can offer. It’s like a pure place. A part of heaven. And what a privilege.

I dont have the clicks in my camera , but these two are my most favourite:

King Fahad Grand Mosque. Al khobar.

My most Favourite: Masjid Abdul Rahman bin Auf. Al khobar.

Books transport people to another world. At least I get transported.

But to another world where things happen.

In the mosque, I find a piece of heaven. My heaven. A place where you leave behind all relations, responsibilities, social chains. Only to be lost in the serenic soothing verses and wishing time stops.

When I left KSA on exit and moved to India. My this piece of heaven vanished. In India it’s looked down upon for women to go to mosques to pray. I agree too because of the fashion show some of us put up going to the mosque and totally ruining the purpose also without proper Hijab.

My first Ramadan after marriage was in KSA. My Second Ramadan, I wept my heart out on the prayer mat at my home in India for being so far away from Heaven.

The third Ramadan I went back to KSA on a visit to my parents home. I was an expectant mother at that time. I would sit on a chair and pray but I went. I ran to the mosque. My heaven.

Air conditioned, beautifully scented, amazingly structured and furnished, calm lighting. These things held my heart.

When I went back to India for good. I once again lost my opportunity to pray in the mosque.

Ramadan 4, 5 and 6. I spent on my prayer mat at home. Yearning for the touch of the carpet of a mosque on my forehead.

Khuda ke paas deyr hai..

Andeyr nahi…

A wise saying that says there is delay in the answering of prayer by God. But there is never a darkness or a complete no.

And here I am today. 4 Ramadan later. Running to another beautiful mosque in my area with my two little children. To pray.

To dissolve myself. My heart. My soul. My whole being. On the musallah of the Masjid e Madinah.

Too beautiful a feeling to describe.

Too heartening to explain.

No one other than God himself knows how I yearned to be there. In a mosque. To pray to him. In a place meant only for that exact purpose.

My happiness knew no bounds. I stood there quivering with joy, with tears running down my face. Thank you God. For letting me in your home. For giving me a chance to bow down before you in a place you prefer to be prayed to.

I am happy tonight. I sleep in peace tonight. With the happiness that my dua my supplication was answered. That my yearning never went in vain.

As I sit now praying the morning prayer on my prayer mat home. I am at peace. Because I know, my piece of heaven is close by. And I can go there. Whenever I wish to escape this world. Whenever I wish to dissolve in tranquility.

My take on – TOYS by James Patterson



Okay. So nothing prepared me for this book. Nothing.

I picked it out from a lot in DMart back home in India. I brought it along as a travel time-pass. However, due to tiredness and sheer lethargy of the long flights, I couldn’t take this out of my bag.

A good thing. Or else anyone even minutely disturbing me would be punched in the face. That’s how gripping this book is.

In the own words of James:



The pages truly turn themselves. I had been meaning to read it from a long while. However, the time was never right. Until today.

The kids were asleep and hubby late from work. Straight three hours.

At first it maddened me that it wasn’t about humans but some technologically morphed humans. But slowly it picked up speed. Such speed that I couldn’t do anything else until I read every line and every page.

Mind blowing book. I got totally gobsmacked by it.

Its a book about a guy named Hays. Its a vision about what would happen if Humans stopped being careful of their actions. If they took science to a whole scary level. The feeling of being controlled by beings smarter, equipped, numb than us made my skin crawl. I was enthralled till the end.

As always I somehow sync with the characters in every book I read. It is almost always the area about love where everything goes berserk for me.

Like the story begins about how much Hays loves his wife Lizbeth and their two daughters. Until later when he finds out how much she lied about everything, including her age and her whole existence. But even through all of that they had that touch, that unmistakable loving touch of marriage. No matter how much they ended up hating each other for being on the wrong sides of the lines of war, they cooperate.

Well, that’s not the whole picture of the novel though. It is a book about resilience. About being smart and well equipped. Where dumbness and stupidity is abhorred and factually fails everywhere.

What did I learn? I learnt to be equipped with knowledge. I learnt to be armed to face situations that might shatter my world and how to be strong beyond that. How not to give up until the whole truth is out. I learnt to be grateful for the little blessings in life like family and love. I learnt that technology is great but must never be misused. I also learnt on being a responsible citizen of this world. When it comes to humanity, there are no borders. Just our very own flesh and bones and we must be there for each other.

The “Elites” in the book wanted to fix the world by eradicating the human race. But humans win the war. Lesson learnt the hard way, they do not take revenge by eradicating the Elite. They simply tune them to be submissive and humble, caring and compassionate. For there is no greater victory than in spreading peace and love.