Computer games were first introduced to me by my dad. He got these amazing game CDs for us. In the evening, me and my bro would figure out the way around them. I built a penchant for mind sharpening games, knowledge treasure holders and SPEED. I am edging towards 30, but I get the same thrill playing as my 4 year old self. Maybe it has nothing to do with age.

There was Jill, Mario, Jazz Jack Rabbit 2, The incredible machine, the entire Magic School Bus series etc. These were my favourites. Then one day, dad bought NEED FOR SPEED 3 CD. It was very difficult to play. Me and my brother were unable to change the cars or choose a different track course. Alright, NEED FOR SPEED is a car racing game. Its more than car racing actually. Then after about sometime, we boggled our minds and discovered how to play.

The remaining series I had played earlier.

I can’t explain in words, the amount of fun me and bro had. We figured out the two player keys on the same keyboard. The cop chases among beautiful locations, the opponent races, the time lapses, I am emotional right now. Particularly, there was this snow filled location, we raced with opponents. I remember we both had two different coloured Lamborghini Countaches. It was summer in KSA. But we both were so engrossed in the details of the game that the graphics got to us. Our fingers were turning cold!

Our First NFS CD
Race course location: Summit, NFS3. 

We even got the dialogues mugged up. It was amazing. We played that game for over three to four years. Then dad got us other series of the game. My favourite car emerged to be McLaren F1. I have always dreamt of being able to get one ride in it !

My Most Favourite Car

My reason for this blog? I am back on the streets! Racing! On my cellphone this time. It is not like those early morning summer months, with huge headphones, a cool playlist and speeding down cars on my laptop. The effects were so realistic, I was transported into the game always. Sorry mom, I hated doing chores because I didn’t like getting up from my game!

Best game in the NFS series

Right now, I am playing NEED FOR SPEED No Limits. After my wedding, I have resorted to less exciting games. Mostly because my previous phones weren’t android and also didn’t have enough space. One good thing that my hubby-bought Lava phone has been this! I can play again.


Earlier I was hooked on to cooking games. From Resort Tycoon, Restaurant Story 1 and 2, to cooking fever that got me very much hooked. Then a virus hit my phone. I thought it was because of my game. So I uninstalled it and deleted all backed up progress. I had come way too far to restart again. A long pause later, I have come back with a great wifi (thanks to hubby) that has now helped me got my game!!!!!