Iftar. May 24.

So here’s today’s prep.

Menu for today:

1) Dahi badey

2) Fried spicy corn

3) Black chana

4) Maash Bhajiye

5) Spring rolls

6) Samosa

7) Orange and pomegranate

8) Mango juice

9) Dates.

I did a little twist in the making of two of the items today.

I fried burger patties, cut them to tiny squares, mixed them with mayo and made a filling out of it! For the spring rolls and the samosa. Oh the Taste!!!


Iftar. May 23

I don’t have a picture for today.

That’s because it was a test of my sanity, parenting and patience.

My son decided to get on every nerve I had during and after the time to break my fast.

All I felt was wearing my shoes and running as far as I could.

But I didn’t. Instead I focused on keeping my calm no matter the tantrums and chaos he was throwing and creating.

It was after we were done eating halfway that I realised I had no picture.

Here’s what I made:

1) differently flavoured Dahi badey

2) Chana daal

3) Maash and besan bhajiye

4) Samosa

5) Orange and Pomegranate

6) Dates.

I made a light menu because I had a special dinner.

Flavoured steamed vegetable rice made in ghee with spicy chicken.