About Me


Picture Credits:  Potrait art by my talented sis Farheen AR.

My name is Amtul Jabeen. An uncommon name, with a bit of a moment taken to pronounce. It means ‘Slave of the Forehead’, whatever that is supposed to signify. I often wonder why my Grandpa named me this way.

I am a child at heart, an old woman by my brain, and a caged soul. I believe I have a strong perception about things. I am passionate about reading and writing mainly. Although I have too many things that I am fully excited about doing with as much enthusiasm as can be possibly gathered.

Blogging has interested me a lot since the time I first learnt of the word Blog. Before that I used to write diaries. (And eventually tore them up). I’ve been writing since I was 9. Why? Because I find it difficult to convey what I perceive by way of words. No, I do speeches well, but blank shot, I am dry mouthed.

I am an Indian by birth and nationality. Brought up in the middle east, with a huge passion to travel (ooops, another thing I am totally crazy about), and now back to India after my wedding. I have two cute babies from my awesome partner and a big purpose in life.

I have always been someone with a really bright sparkle in my eye. Life has a way of taming the wild soul, hushing the voices and dulling the light. But I am a strong believer in Hope and God, and by His grace nothing can waver my faith.

There is a voice in my head that constantly tells me “O you definitely should blog about this, listen this is what you can write……”. This mostly happens when the PC is unreachable. So let’s see how many times that voice in my head literally wins with time and brings me to my seat in front of the screen.(I write with a peaceful stance and a slightly pounding heart…too much excitement, writing does to me!!)


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