Review: James Patterson- Count to Ten

Have you ever had your mind completely fuzzed? To the point where you are physically lounging and appearing chilled to the world. But in your mind there is a race, a heart pumping with excitement, a movie thrilling up your spine, a chilling wait as you turn pages with eager anticipation, dread pacing up as the story crawls ahead.

Yes. That is exactly how it has been for me reading this. Hats off to James Patterson and Ashwin Sanghi for this nerve wrecking smashing novel.

It blew my mind. Totally. I held on to each word, each line, each page dripping with anticipation. Fate was on my side, my kids din’t bother me as I binge read the novel from 5 pm to 9 pm straight.

What a wonderful I got transported to.

Perfectly worded and amply thrill-based.

The writers have picked up on the core disturbing issues based in New Delhi, India. A country that is always linked with Political gimicks, pharmaceutical and medical advancements stained with dirty practises, an organ market, pedophelia, money ruling corruption, media dominance, revenge and murder.

Perfectly placed emotions tugging at the very heart of the reader. At one moment I hated the killer, his gruesomeness in his technique. At another sympathy arose, after all something drives criminals. Hatred for the wealthy power shuffling top notch officials, loathing for the media hungry for gossip rather than peace. A total blend of upheavel of emotions.

A Private firm is recruited by the Cheif Minister of state to look into the discovery of a number of bodies being decomposed in the basement of an abandoned Government owned estate. The police is ordered by the Leiutenant General of the oppostion to look into the matter and make it a private finding.

The Private firm headed by four strong characters, two of them plagued by their own troubles, delves deep into this dangerous matter discovering names of a to-be Home minister, CEO of a top pharma and medical company based in America, Head Doctor of Delhi memorial Hospital, a street smart medical-college drop out and two other important characters. One by one, they are being killed. In a gruesome manner. Each time one organ missing. At first it looked like a clear case of organ trafficking and body burials. It looked like a Government funded propoganda and dirty money making politics.

Along with locating strong evidences, the Police Commissioner handling this case, leaks important information one by one to a TV channel Host, to gain popularity and to also direction the case to his benefit.

Putting their lives on risk, the Private team discover that it is much more sinister. It is not a team work. It is just a single individual. And the individual is just seeking revenge. Revenge to destroy the human organ trafficking team. To wipe them off the way the justice system should have done it. He was just cleaning vermins on the earth. With his own bare hands.

Everytime the the police and tbe private team suspected a character, he was dead in minutes. Soon the teams realise that the killer can be caught using joint forces. While the two government officers were just playing around with cold water, they had absolutely no idea what horrors were operating under their very noses.

The joint forces of the Police and the Private Team, while trying to protect the last perpetrator of human crimes, they discover the killer being the TV host. To whom the Police head was feeding the names of the next victims accidentally. With a history of unfortunate killings at his hands and fate on his side for never being discovered, Ajay Guha the TV host explicitely conducted the killings of each person responsible for the horrific industry of organ trade.

I slept in peace last night. Knowing the right wins and the bad loses. Always.

This book delicately avoided delving into unwanted romances and throwing the novel into a third triangle of emotions.

A brisk, fast paced book, the pages kept turning on their on.

I have thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone yearning for a thrill.

I could never guess who the mastermind was. Every guess I made was almost correct, only to be proven wrong at each turn of events. Very heart racing.

I love it…..


Nibah…My take on the series…

So why am I choosing to do another post on the Tv series Nibah. The previous post was the review or storyline. This is dedicated to what I found the most amazing about it.

I was taken by the acting of Amina Sheikh. A beautiful, resilient woman. The whole world hurtled boulders across her life. Yet she stood like a wall. Broken from the inside, yet strength in her words. Her head held high because she KNEW she was right. She knew that being RIGHT mattered only when it came to her Self Respect and the question of reputation and character. She knew rightly when to bend to mend the relationships. She knew to be silent, leaving fate / karma to act on her behalf.

mqdefault (1)

Nothing could break her righteousness. She forgave easily and embraced happiness like no other character in the story. She let the whole world crumble at her feet watching everything in silence, yet knowing that the last winner is the one who is always right and not the devious.

Her character brought a lot of calm to me. It made want to be like her. Strong and resilient among the storms of life. Nobody should be troubled the way she was. She questioned her fate, spoke of her troubles to the skies, and trusted in God with all her might.


The most well played out scene in the entire series which easily shattered my heart to billion pieces was just a scene of a few minutes. No words. Just the eyes connecting. Everything said in those emotions in the eyes of Shaheer and Sofia.


Just this one scene. Here Sofia has gone home with her father after being thoroughly disconnected with Shaheer due to his accusations. She has gone back to school. After feeling humiliated by the school Principal and her colleagues, she stood outside trying to catch a cab home. Shaheer comes by in his luxury suv to pick his kids from school. For a good minute he looks and connects with Sofia’s eyes. Just this look between them was shattering.

This look of love, of regret, of doubts, of betrayal….Shaheer displays sadness to see his still-wife in such simple clothes deprived of the luxury he could afford for her. He feels sadness to see her so far away from him. Then he overcomes with anger of betrayal and drives away in indifference. Meanwhile Sofia looks at him with an expression that spells out that of all the people in the world, she wanted only Him to know that she hadn’t betrayed him. That she loved him.

Sometimes the eyes know and the heart feels, its the brain that fuzzes up everything destroying a lot in the middle. True love connects. It definitely does connect and sees beyond beauty, beyond wealth, beyond age, beyond anything. It just recognizes the soul that needs to be around. It needs the aura to emanate and radiate to thrive. It needs to be needed. That’s love…the true one….

Nibah… a closure…

Its raining outside gently….a romantic song in the backdrop….perfect setting for a new blog post…

As I had mentioned earlier, there is a tiny little hobby I developed. Binge-watching Pakistani dramas. Not all of them. Some of them.

The one that caught my whole attention and I couldn’t wait every Friday for the new episode to be telecast-ed.

The show named being Nibah.

Beautiful story, elegantly enacted, outstanding performance of all of the characters, eloquently worded with the right amount poetic verses. Most of all, the exemplary ability to raise emotions of anger, happiness and sadness for the characters in the story.

It annoyed me to be disturbed while watching the episodes.


Although this TV series has nothing in common with my life, it is something amazing.

The story begins with a lovely family of five. A middle-aged couple with two teenage children and a little girl. Their lavish happy lifestyle is struck down with an unfortunate attack of cancer to the centre of the family- the mother Saiqa (Played by Savera Nadeem).


Absolutely elegant character of a mother who showed the importance of bonding the family together.

Upon her death her devastated husband, Shaheer ( Played by Asif Raza Mir) is advised by his dear friend to find a way to open up for a new woman in his life for himself and his children who badly need a mother.

On the other side, Sofia ( Played by Amina Sheikh) is a soft spoken, practical, humble person with an ocean of patience.

As the story goes, she is engaged to her cousin Majid ( played by Amir Qureshi), who only got engaged (Written Nikah) to her so that his mother lets him settle in Dubai. Three years down the lane, there is no interest shown by him to marry Sofia. This disturbs her greatly. Her mother and sister are blinded by her fears and the something-is-not-right feeling that is engulfing her. Suddenly the mother-in-law announces a marriage date. On the day of the Mehendi/Mayo (pre-bridal shower), the mother-in-law turns up this time with a brown envelope containing the awful news of separation as he has already married someone he loves in Dubai.

This breaks apart the world for Sofia, a teacher in a middle class family. She wipes her tears and gets back to work the next day itself, only to be barraged with the constant gossip, insult and condescending words of her colleague and the Principal herself. A top class teacher in the Defense School, she pales to her compatriots due to the events in her private life.


Sofia’s sister was to be married the son of her aunt. They are utterly dismayed at the event of Sofia’s divorce. So much so that, the aunt buys a Rishta (proposal) for Sofia so that as soon as Sofia is married, she can bring in her daughter-in-law.

The proposal is of Shaheer. A widower, with three children. A heartless mother, just to save her reputation and to hurry away with her responsibilities of marrying the daughters, overrides her husband’s decision, her daughter’s refusal and forces Sofia to marry Shaheer.

A somewhat rude beginning to their life, Shaheer feeling shy and confused on how to deal with this new event in his life, Sofia beginning to adjust to the utter rudeness of the elder kids as well as basking in the love of the little daughter Fenny. The two older children Mubashir and Saira, hate the fact that their father is coming closer towards their new mother. Although they realise she isn’t wicked it hurt them to see someone in their mother’s place. Although Sofia makes it very clear from the beginning that she hasn’t come to take anyone’s place or snatch anything from anyone. She just wants to join a broken family and try to make it whole again.

The one person who cannot stand all of this is Mubashir. This is because, Ms Sofia, as he calls her, is also his Class teacher. As he is into smoking and slowly slips into drugs intake along with his evil friend Fahad, his enemity soars too high. He becomes the character that brings the entire twist to the story.

hqdefault (1)

Apparently Majid (Sofia’s ex) is destroyed as his wife in Dubai leaves him, taking away everything he owns. He comes back to Pakistan hoping to patch up with Sofia. This advantage is taken by Mubashir who throw Majid into the middle of Sofia and Shaheers’ newly emerging love. The new marriage gets rocked by doubts of infidelity propounding by Mubashir blaming Sofia for everything in the house infront of their dad. Majid also picks up speed convincing Sofia’s mother to break Sofia’s marriage so he could patch up with her.


The story then stalled a few episodes just gaining doubts on Sofia and her resilience and silence over the accusations against her. Her aunt who married her son to Sofia’s sister takes money from Majid’s mother to patch the two up for a marriage. In a fit of anger after seeing complete betrayal shown to her by her husband, sister, mother, Majid, and eventually her much loved father, she signs up for divorce with her husband Shaheer. It is then when Shaheer realises that he loves Sofia but is finding it hard to trust her after finding her with Majid in cafes and stores. He believes what meets his eyes, and he trusts his children more than Sofia. Between these lines, Saira, the daughter realises what they have done, regrets her decision to support her brother in spoiling the reputation of Sofia, after she is save by her during an assault by Fahad.


After a series of conversations with Shaheer, who requests her to apologise, she decides its time to go home. In the end, the spoilt brat Fahad is faced with mouth cancer due to drugs. Upon seeing that, teenage Mubashir freaks out and confesses everything to his father of the innocence of Sofia. Shaheer too himself retrospects what a sorry husband he has been to Sofia who asked nothing of him but trust and companionship.


Much to the chagrin of Majid and Sofia’s mother, the family unites on a happy note.




Little buds of happiness..

Little joys in life bloom like lovely flowers in a barren land.

Yesterday it was a big day for me. My pretty little daughter had her first stage performance of her life. She sang rhymes and songs at a concert with her fellow classmates in her school.

It was an overwhelming performance. I cried. I got emotional. I thank God. For this day.

My yearning brought forth fruits that I craved for. I wanted my daughter to study in a school that made her happy and gave her no homework. A school that brought out her talent and let her explore everything a child dreams of trying.

I am so happy for her. A proud parent among so many in that auditorium, my heart beamed with joy. God bless my little girl.

Danielle Steel- Rushing Waters. Book review

I am here in the library today. Again.

I happened to have borrowed a couple of kids books the last time and a couple of mine. Among which, I picked “Rushing Waters” by Danielle Steel.

This must be the first book in my life, that I have returned without completely reading it. Nothing against the concept of the book but in my hurry to get home last time, I did not check the genre. Just that the name rang few bells from my friends borrowing these in school days.

Really? No. I subconsciously picked it up because it had a beautiful cover page of water on it.

The story revolves around various characters, who among finding new love and divorcing their marriage partners, face a hurricane Ophelia in the city of New York. The book also exaggerated the common topic of discussion about the differences of the British and the Americans.

It bore me out. There was no exact real plot. Nothing in it rose my emotions. Although the whole book is a very emotional affair. It could have been very heart touching. But somehow it did nothing to me. I felt compelled to return it today. And I went beyond my principles and returned the book eventually without finishing it.

Or just maybe…my emotions are dead. Maybe it is going to take more harsher disasters to break my heart…maybe my tears have eventually dried? Or just maybe I picked the wrong genre.

As I sit here typing away at the Library computer, I really wish so bad that I could find a job. Where I could watch my kid have fun reading and I could work. I want a job. Real bad. I want to break out of this monotony. There are many brave decisions I can make even now, but each time I look at my son’s face, I do not want to lose his childhood.

I know kids grow up. I know that once they do they aren’t mine anymore. They belong to themselves. As much as I am prepared for that, I do not want to lose out on the little of childhood that I spend with them.

I need to do a lot of things. I am just waiting for the right time…..Da