My take on – TOYS by James Patterson



Okay. So nothing prepared me for this book. Nothing.

I picked it out from a lot in DMart back home in India. I brought it along as a travel time-pass. However, due to tiredness and sheer lethargy of the long flights, I couldn’t take this out of my bag.

A good thing. Or else anyone even minutely disturbing me would be punched in the face. That’s how gripping this book is.

In the own words of James:



The pages truly turn themselves. I had been meaning to read it from a long while. However, the time was never right. Until today.

The kids were asleep and hubby late from work. Straight three hours.

At first it maddened me that it wasn’t about humans but some technologically morphed humans. But slowly it picked up speed. Such speed that I couldn’t do anything else until I read every line and every page.

Mind blowing book. I got totally gobsmacked by it.

Its a book about a guy named Hays. Its a vision about what would happen if Humans stopped being careful of their actions. If they took science to a whole scary level. The feeling of being controlled by beings smarter, equipped, numb than us made my skin crawl. I was enthralled till the end.

As always I somehow sync with the characters in every book I read. It is almost always the area about love where everything goes berserk for me.

Like the story begins about how much Hays loves his wife Lizbeth and their two daughters. Until later when he finds out how much she lied about everything, including her age and her whole existence. But even through all of that they had that touch, that unmistakable loving touch of marriage. No matter how much they ended up hating each other for being on the wrong sides of the lines of war, they cooperate.

Well, that’s not the whole picture of the novel though. It is a book about resilience. About being smart and well equipped. Where dumbness and stupidity is abhorred and factually fails everywhere.

What did I learn? I learnt to be equipped with knowledge. I learnt to be armed to face situations that might shatter my world and how to be strong beyond that. How not to give up until the whole truth is out. I learnt to be grateful for the little blessings in life like family and love. I learnt that technology is great but must never be misused. I also learnt on being a responsible citizen of this world. When it comes to humanity, there are no borders. Just our very own flesh and bones and we must be there for each other.

The “Elites” in the book wanted to fix the world by eradicating the human race. But humans win the war. Lesson learnt the hard way, they do not take revenge by eradicating the Elite. They simply tune them to be submissive and humble, caring and compassionate. For there is no greater victory than in spreading peace and love.



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