First Day.

The 8 of May. 2018.

Today is the day my baby daughter stepped into her first school on her first day.

I was nervous from last night. While I have been away from her for long hours while I was working, this was too new for me.

I was to let my daughter out of my sight and trust someone else to guide her through the day. Teachers are second mothers. Mine were. I trust hers are too.

My daughter, my princess, is a very confident child. She was eager to go to school since a long time. The whole point of her agreeing to travel with us this far is because she was promised an amazing school.

I am so happy. What I feared last night was I wanted her to fit in. An Asian girl in a North American school. Sure she already had a good accent. But she wouldn’t understand their words so quickly. I feared how she would do washroom stuff. I feared she would be lonely.

She is a very social person and can make a lot of friends. I just wish she is never judge on her south Asian looks.

I’ve been lonely in school ample number of times and years when every time, fate had my best friends leaving the country to move back to home country.

I hope her best friends don’t move away. I hope my daughter is never lonely in life. I pray she is always filled with people who are there for her. I hope she has her own girl gang and do all the cool stuff she tells me she wants to do.

Well, this morning we were a tad bit late. However, we rushed. She was super excited to go and jelled up with her teacher Ms Mehta at once!

She made her first friend Emma, who invited her to her birthday party. She also brought home a heart shaped card and a flower card made by her new friend.

I have seen my daughter sing songs about best friend. I wish she has a good nice best friend soon.

She has a little catching up to do in studies. I hope she is smart in math and all other things at school.

I felt like a proud mommy, walking her back home today, where she told me all about what she did at school. I love my daughter. I hope she has a wonderful school life.


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