Belated New Year post.

By Time.
Verily man is in Khusr(arabic), Khasara(Urdu), Loss.
Except those who have faith/imaan, good deeds (amal-e-saliha), those who enjoin the truth (haqq), and those who have patience (sabr).
(Surah Al Asr. Quran)

Most of us make grocery lists, shopping lists, office task lists etc. Why? So that we appoint time, and get everything done on the list. We don’t come home without buying everything on our grocery list. The whole point of making a list is to check all of the boxes in it.

So why do most of us make a list of “New Year Resolutions”? Especially to laugh it off at the end of the year saying Ha! time for new year again, time to make a list of resolutions only to break them again. I found so many trolls/memes/jokes everywhere on social media jeering at broken resolutions. What are we doing?

Life isn’t a joke. People say you are going to die anyway, so why so serious? Because, only a fool would die with a reckless life. There is much more to life than crossing dates on a calender. Add life to your years. Live a meaningful life. It quenches your thirst of wandering seamlessly, confused, wrecked. I have seen a few youth, their whole year goes in just listening to music. Dear, that music was a success, hardwork of a musician, who worked days and nights to get their hit. They have contributed to their days. What are you doing? When you go to sleep in the night, think of your daily accomplishments. What have you done besides survival chores?

Look at the verses aforementioned. Four types of people aren’t in loss;
1) Holding on to faith. Completely and sincerely. When you waver in the principles of your faith, you loose the vision between right and wrong.
2) Executing acts of Good/Right Deeds. Some people debate on the rights and wrongs, but nobody can defy your consience. It is that voice, a gift of God. When it begins to scream at your soul for wrong doing. Listen to it. Many a times we ignore its voice. Then slowly you muffle the sound of your consience, till it dies a silent death. Then your soul feeds in the evil like a deep pit of unending darkness. Some people say there is no right or wrong. No. No. No. There is the right the white and the wrong the dark. True that there are shades of grey in the middle, but they are too small in comparison to the opposites.
3) Enjoin the truth. You have to be on the path of truth to be a success in life. No, the people who dwell in falsehood may appear to have the upper hand, but in reality they aren’t. They who lie are losers. Always. To hide a lie, you have to spin a yarn of more lies till you stumble and lie face down in the mud of humiliation.
4) Patience. Patience is not harbouring grudges against your problems and sitting idle about it. Patience is when you have the capacity to retaliate, the ability to sin, but you don’t do it. Simply because it is not RIGHT. Patience, is to find the answers to your questions and issues without making mountains out of molehills. Patience is avoiding the blame game.

This year 2017, we have to cleanse our soul. Let us spring clean our life. Let us make each moment count. Sit down in a cosy corner. Take a book. Write down the 24 hours. Write against each hour what you have done, who you have met. Make realistic goals. Just like grocery items. You only write down what you can buy in your budget. Most importantly, you write down what you need. If you need to go on a diet, how serious are you about it.

Instead of writing your goals starting with ” I want to …” , write ” I have done_____ (this) about this (particular goal). Don’t write I want to diet. Or I want to stop using swear words. It has never helped anyone. Write ” I have seen a dietitian today. I have my diet chart. I have already begun. Or I have used five swear words today and count down each day. And keep a track of how you follow up your goals. It works.

Some people are found smiling when they die. It is because they have lived a full life. No, don’t get me wrong. Happy people aren’t those who live to please everyone. Wake up each day with a purpose. To do something. God never burdens a person beyond his capacity. If you feel struck with grief, know that it is to build you up.

Wake up. And make the most of everything. Please, LIVE everyday.


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