What Luck!

Hubs took me on a date this week. While coming back we stopped at a book store. Surprise! I bought two new novels. He has been asking me to buy for myself for maybe the umpteenth time. I decided heck let’s do this today. So I went ahead and got The 6th target by James Patterson.

My take on the book:

There is a shooting on a ferry. A lot of people are shot. A few survive and the hitman escapes while hurting an officer. The police arrive. Lead officer Lieutenant Boxer is assigned the case. Her best friend is the one injured and whose son also narrowly escapes a bullet. Surprisingly the gunman turns himself in. There are also a series of murders and injuries in a building. And nobody seems to be able to understand why would someone want to kill a dog. At the same time a child is kidnapped and her nanny is killed. Besides fighting her personal issues, officer Boxer is able to catch the apartment murderer, whose sole motive to kill the ones in the building was because loud noise was unbearable. The child snatchers are also traced down to the agency who supplies the nannies. And then the twist. The ferry gunman escapes prison. His mental illness causes him to track down and almost kill his mother. For she was a cause of his illness and incest. The book ended sweetly with Sergeant Boxer being able to fix her personal and professional issues.

Lovely book. Picked up the edge midway. And really shook the ending. I am glad I bought this book. I learnt to expect a lot of surprises, sometimes disappointing. A very appreciatively great book.

Thoroughly enjoyed it!


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