Daily Prompt: Vice

via Daily Prompt: Vice

Vice is the inaudible thought running havoc in the head, while giving a slight tilt to the face with a perfect joyful smile.

It is that invisible thing that radiates from within. The negative aura. It doesn’t have to be ever practised. Just thinking otherwise is the Main Vice.

I know what I have written above may not make sense to you. But to me it does. Vice in a person is not just blatant cut-out crime/ criminal thoughts. It is much deeper.

It is fake-ness. I may adore and hold a person to the highest of the highest esteems. I may put the person on cloud 9 above my head. But when I find the mud of falsehood running in their blood, one can only imagine how much I abhor that person. Get down from my cloud 9 right down beneath the dirtiest dirt of the earth.

Vice to me is jealousy. There are so less moments in the 24 hours of a day to do the things I want to do. I cannot fathom how people have time to actually think about other people, what they do, how they do , why they do! I do have seen people who were way behind on life, now have raced me so ahead. Yeah it dampens me for a while. But no, I don’t feel jealous. I sit down and think about my goals. How close am I to my goals? What am I doing about it? Jealousy and envy is green poison. It is pure wicked evil.

The lack of motive to progress. Why? My logic is, if early man decided to be content with life and decided that thinking further/ doing new things/ achieving higher was “acting too smart” / “wasting precious life moments”, then we’d all still be early men running around in leaves eating raw plants and animals. When Isaac Newton, for the life of him couldn’t do farming and wanting to do something else, nobody told him you don’t have opportunities, you don’t have to ‘fly high’, you have to be grateful for what you have and do what everyone is doing. Really. Please don’t become roadblocks in someone’s path of progress.

There is so much more. But my point is, let’s let out positive vibes, happy auras emanating from within us. Let us radiate prosperity and progress.



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