I define me.


Yes. It is true. When I thought that things couldn’t get worse, they did. Much more worse than I ever imagined. But then, I survived. I healed. I learned. I made it through almost. And amidst this chaos I learnt that maybe the height of patience is what defines me.


A night never to be forgotten

Let the rain come down and wash away my tears
Let it fill my soul and drown my fears
Let it shatter the walls for a new sun
A new day has come
It all started by a casual let’s go out by my hubby. I texted him ‘where to?’ (Yeah we text each other sometimes even if we are in the house together). He asked me back where I wanted to go. I said let’s see when we are out.
Going out of the house, to me, is the most delightful feeling on earth, besides many other feelings. I just jump out of my skin with joy just with the mention of the words ‘out of the house’.
So there I ran about getting the kids ready and much to the annoyance of my not-so-high-spirited mother-in-law, we drove out.
I am totally in love with our new car, Hyundai Accent. Cars have always been my second blood. It gets my adrenaline pumping faster sitting in a car and driving away to glory.
We drove around some of the curvy and best roads of Hyderabad crossing begumpet, masab tank and over to banjara hills with a backdrop of some cool Bollywood tunes. Though the current in our air was far from romantic, it was nevertheless amiable and loving in a nice way. Speeding up on freeways and curving down the bends, what more fun on a weekend with family?
A call from his friend and a restaurant to quench our hunger pangs stopped us for a while. It was 11:00 pm. While hubby went to get the take away meal, I sat with my bustling kids in the car watching the road. I noticed the wind pick up speed and getting a bit cooler. He came back in the car in the knick of time and it began to pitter patter. We sat in the back of the car with a dinner sent straight from heaven having the time of our lives! Arabian Traditional Chicken, the most delectable chicken ever made on this planet along with rumali roti. 10 stars to Dine Hill. And a round of extremely awesome Chicken Fried Rice with a taste never tasted before. It was like a totally Oh My God moment. Then the rain picked up humongous speed.
Hum sarphire bigde huve nawaab hain
Padh lo humein, hum to khuli kitaab hain
Haddi bhi hum hain aur hum hi qabaab hain
Hum pagal nahin hain bhaiya
Humala dimag kharab hai‘…
The rolled up windows of the car made me feel like we were sitting in a glass fridge! Except that it was cool on the outside and fun in the inside !
‘Haan raat bharrrr…
jayein na gharrr.’
Some songs really are the background music to fit the scene of life. Really neither of us felt like going home. Close to 12:00 we decided lets beat down the rain. And whoooooshhhhh. Salute to hubby for smoothly swerving the car around on the rain thickened roads. No words and no amount of expressions can bring out the feeling of unexplainable fun and joy we got from giving the car a bit of a speed boost whenever there was a water pool, just to watch the rain puddle splosh up high beside us and we yelled Titanic is sinking. Oh I was 13 again tonight!
‘Tonightttt give me everything tonight..’
We drove by a blurry tank bund with lightening in the sky to our hometown which was completely lights out because of the heavy downpour. Silence fell in the car as visibility reached 30%.  Still then hubby turned around with shall we have a paan? My classic gentleman stepped out and got us a paan to compliment the ending of a perfect dinner. We dinally reached home at around 12:50. One of the best experiences in rain I have ever had.
Really, these words cannot encompass the feeling of utter joy and fun that I felt during the whole trip!!