My Best Buddy


Best friends are like diamonds. They are found very rare. They are precious and special. My best buddy is Sameen Khan. Although we live poles apart in this country we still have our friendship as strong as ever. We first met as colleagues in Saad Specialist Hospital, AlKhobar.I have had many special moments with her since then. Sameen is a true example of a perfect best friend. She is so good to confide that I can share anything with her. She is totally understanding. She is quite fashionable and has awesome sense of humour. The best thing about my friend is that she shares a lot of same interests with me. I love my love my best friend Sameen very very much!
The above sounds like a typical best friend essay. But no, every word is true in every essence. I don’t get very comfortable with everyone. But my inner circle is dearer to me than life itself. And a beautiful part of my life is Sameen. A daughter of an urdu writer and hailing from a well educated family, Sameen herself has so many beautiful qualities that are hard to find in a good friend.
We both have a passion for an adventurous and fast paced life. True there are things that are distinct to each of us, but they are as dear to us as our similarities.
The base of a solid relationship is pure selflessness. And the best formula for a well lived life is to make the most of each day by having the right people around us.
I am so grateful to God Almighty for crossing our paths and joining us together for life. My buddy deserves to have the best in this world and the hereafter.


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