Sometimes you have to let things be…


The above picture doesn’t belong to me. But this what my little one loves to do. Playing with water. Fear of her catching a cold, dirtying her hands, ruining her clothes bothered me at first. So I came up with a dozen distractions. But in vain. To my utmost exasperation, she walks up to the puddle in the middle of the courtyard of our home and merrily splish-sploshes in the water. Every. Single. Day. In the end it taught me a lesson for life. It is some kind of a fascination for her that she will ultimately outgrow with time. In the meantime, I have to wait patiently. Because this is her childhood.There are so many instances in life where it is just not possible to make things change/happen the way we want them to be. Frustration and getting all worked up doesn’t solve any problems. Its all about playing it safe, praying for the best, and being patient. Its all about attitude, if we truly want life to be positive. Its all about the passion to be happy; no matter what comes our way. 🙂